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SRH University Wilhelm Löhe
SRH University Wilhelm Löhe

Light, landscape, learning

Our spacious new building is located directly in Fürth’s Südstadtpark. The personal atmosphere created by our university is ideal for studying, socialising and resting. After all, our university, featuring a modern library, a generously sized student lounge and a roof-top terrace – with numerous eateries and shopping facilities within easy walking distance – is an attractive place to study.

Fürth – the cloverleaf city
The urban district of Fürth is one of the most desirable places to live in Germany, offering a wealth of opportunities to suit all needs: a charming Old Town, ample green spaces, and leisure activities galore. Fürth has a fascinating history, as testified by its many museums. Entertainment also comes in the form of numerous events, theatres, markets and pubs. The 130,000+ residents of Fürth enjoy their varied life with a rich mix of families, students, tourists, creative minds and entrepreneurs. In 2023 Fürth was once again named the safest city in Bavaria, according to the police crime statistics (PKS). It is the 19th time in a row that the city has topped the list in Bavaria.

European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg
Fürth is a growing business location and a tolerant, culturally diverse city with promising future prospects. The city, featuring excellent infrastructure, is located in the heart of the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg – one of the strongest economic regions in Germany.

The science city of Fürth
As a result of its various renowned institutions of science, research and teaching, the Bavarian State Government awarded the city of Fürth the title of “City of Science” in the year of its 1,000th anniversary. Fürth is an impressive example of successful cooperation between science, research and business. For more impressions of the city, watch the film on Fürth.

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Virtual tour of SRH University Wilhelm Löhe

We moved into our modern and spacious new building in June 2020. Why not go on a virtual tour to get a first impression of our campus?