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FAQs on studying at our university

Frequently asked questions during your studies at SRH WLH

You may well have questions about your study programme at SRH University Fürth. We will be happy to provide you with individual support. We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions on organisational issues for you.

You can take leave of absence from your studies for good cause. During this period, you will remain a member of the university, retaining your student status. When applying for academic leave of absence, good cause includes:

  • A medically certified illness that prevents you from studying properly during the semester in question
  • Pregnancy or child care
  • Care of a close relative
  • Completion of a voluntary internship that is not required by the study and examination regulations
  • Study abroad
  • If the courses required according to the student’s academic progress are not available next semester

Leave of absence for other reasons will only be granted on the basis of case-by-case approval. To apply for leave of absence, please make a written request and present the necessary supporting documents. Your request for leave of absence needs to be submitted six weeks before the start of semester at the latest.
Once this period has expired, it is not possible to take leave of absence. Please note that during leave of absence

  • You will not be permitted to do coursework or take examinations at the university that has granted you leave of absence; However, you may resit any examinations that you may have failed;*
  • You are permitted to do coursework and take examinations during maternity leave and parental leave, or when caring for a close relative.

* Deadlines for taking resits will not be interrupted by leave of absence, unless the student requests leave of absence in order to benefit from protection periods under the Act on the Protection of Mothers at Work, parental leave, periods for caring for a close relative or due to illness.


  • Student grant (BAföG) recipients and scholarship holders are advised to contact the Studentenwerk (Student Services) or the relevant scholarship provider before requesting leave of absence. If child benefit is still paid for the person seeking leave, the child benefit office should be consulted before submitting the application.
  • International students who are not nationals of Member States of the European Union should discuss the legal consequences of taking leave of absence with the competent Foreigners Authority before making a request.

Please contact your programme manager well in advance to plan your academic leave of absence!

To be removed from the register of students, you are required to terminate your student contract in writing. Your notification of removal from the register of students will be sent to you automatically at the end of the semester. In addition to any personal reasons that may cause you to give up your studies, the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz) regulates removal from the register of students. The three most common reasons are:

  • Students are removed from the register of students at the end of the semester in which they passed their final examination.
  • Students are to be removed from the register of students if they have definitively failed an examination that, according to the examination regulations, students must pass or if they are definitively no longer able to meet the requirements for registering to one of these examinations for reasons for which they are responsible, unless they change to another degree programme.
  • Students are to be removed from the register of students if they fail to provide evidence of payment of fees or contributions due or if they fail to submit an insurance certificate required under the Registration Ordinance for Student Health Insurance through their own fault.

It is not always necessary to abandon your studies. There are many ways we can help with acute problems. If you have any problems or concerns, please consult your programme manager at the earliest opportunity, and together we will find the best solution for you.

Unlike at other universities, students of SRH University Fürth conclude a study contract with SRH University Fürth. If you want to terminate your studies prematurely, you must terminate your student contract in writing.

Students can only terminate their contract with effect from the end of the relevant semester. Please comply with the notice periods stated in your study contract. It is not always necessary to abandon your studies. There are many ways we can help with acute problems. If you have any problems or concerns, please consult your programme manager at the earliest opportunity, and together we will find the best solution for you.

If your address changes, please contact your programme manager to ensure that you receive our messages and notifications in good time. If your name or nationality has changed, you must prove this by presenting an official document. You can either show us a copy together with the original or send us a certified copy.

If you have not objected to your re-registration, you will receive your enrolment certificate and student ID card shortly before the start of the next semester. You will need a digital passport photo for your student ID card. This is usually submitted during enrolment. If this is not the case, please upload it to academyFive under My profile. Once all your grades are available, you will receive your current transcript of records from the Examination Office.

SRH University Fürth cooperates with Nuremberg Institute of Technology, or Nuremberg Tech for short. You are welcome to use the services of Nuremberg Tech’s Language Centre. The catalogue of courses offered is extensive, ranging from beginner programmes to advanced courses, and covering both general and specialist language components. The language courses are fast-paced and intensive, designed to bring learners to linguistic proficiency in a relatively short time.

Our examination office is responsible for all matters relating to examinations. The General Examination Regulations (APO) and the Special Examination Regulations (SPO) serve as the basis for questions related to examination rules and regulations. For all examinations, students must register in the proper form within the time prescribed. Application deadlines are announced via our campus management system.

Resits and withdrawals from examinations
Students may withdraw from an examination up to one week before the start of the examination without giving any reason. After this deadline, students must notify the Examination Board in writing of their reasons for withdrawing, for which they must not be responsible, and provide credible evidence. If the student is unable to take part in the examination due to illness, a medical certificate must be submitted. If a student has registered for an examination but fails to appear for it, the examination will be graded 5.0 (“fail”). If an examination has been assessed with the grade “fail”, the student may resit it once. The first resit can be taken at the earliest six weeks and at the latest six months after the announcement of the result. A second resit is permitted in five examinations, unless otherwise regulated.

Submission of written assignments
Written assignments are uploaded as PDFs to our campus management system. In addition to uploading Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, three copies of the original thesis must also be sent to the university.

Examination results and inspection of corrected examinations
Students will be informed in good time about dates for the inspection of corrected examinations.

The fees for your course of study are specified in your study contract, which also states when your tuition fees will be debited. We need a SEPA direct debit mandate signed by you to debit your tuition fees.