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hand-in-hand with practice

Maximum practical relevance

Maximum practical relevance

Our goal is to facilitate peer-to-peer learning through interdisciplinary projects, field trips, practical phases, and discussions. By engaging in exchange with practice partners, lecturers and other students, you will gain direct insight into many exciting areas of the health and social care sector, vocational education and psychology. We offer you a wide range of study programmes, enabling you to pursue extra-occupational, full-time or dual study, or even to study in parallel with an apprenticeship.


PRACTICAL RELEVANCE Projects. Practical semesters. Mentoring.

We believe in providing an education that allows you to try out what you have learned. That is why we are committed to competence-oriented and project-based teaching. You will study and research with us on real projects with practice partners from the region. In the process, you will collaborate with students from a range of disciplines, helping you become an effective team worker. In addition, you will build a network early on that will be invaluable once you graduate. Our lecturers and professors are actively involved in health and social care institutions and companies as experts or managers, enhancing the practical relevance of your study programme.

As a Bachelor’s student at our university, you will complete a practical semester at an organisation of your choice. In this respect, you will benefit from our regional and interregional network. Our mentoring programme puts the finishing touches to your practical preparation for professional life. Our Careers Service will find the right offer for you.

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