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Supply Chain Management

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • 2 Years
  • Full time
  • on campus
  • 120 ECTS
  • in English
  • without NC

Global value chains and value networks are a key driver of the economy, growth and prosperity. In order to develop and design these value chains and networks, we need professionals who have mastered supply chain management from start to finish.

  • English
  • summer and winter semester
SRH Wilhelm Löhe Hochschule
Your Course Content - What you will learn

Study Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.)

In our Master's program in Supply Chain Management, you will take an in-depth look at strategic and operational supply chain management and the key supply chain processes and modern digital technologies that enable or simplify these processes. You will also acquire skills in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship as well as intercultural and international management. In the area of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), you will work with current systems and applications, in particular SAP systems.

The Master's programme is the right choice for you if you... 

  • want to analyse, design and implement global value chains,
  • want to master supply chain and enterprise resource planning systems,
  • want to become an expert in current topics such as Business Intelligence, SCM 4.0, Big Data and Operations Research and
  • want to expand your international network during your studies.

The Master's in Supply Chain Management offers a comprehensive exploration of logistics, encompassing holistic, specialized, and managerial viewpoints, with a focus on practical competencies. Our goal is to furnish you with a hands-on, academically grounded education, preparing you for specialized or managerial roles within the field of logistics. Prospective career paths include opportunities for employment with both national and international manufacturing or retail companies, as well as logistics-related service providers.

Our Master's in Supply Chain Management is designed to enhance both your professional and personal development, providing you with the opportunity to shape your individual profile across these four core areas:

  • Business and Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Information Systems (with a focus on ERP and SCM)
  • Personal Competencies/Soft Skills

Moreover, a key objective of our program is to empower you with the knowledge and skills required for independent practical work in team leadership, personnel management, and both operative and strategic supply chain management. This also includes involvement in participative or executive roles within IT implementation projects.

Except for the final semester, each semester in our Master's program comprises fifteen weeks of lectures followed by exams. The concluding semester is dedicated to a practical internship, during which you will write your Master's thesis while actively contributing to a company. This hands-on experience enables you to establish valuable connections with noteworthy companies and potential employers, representing a crucial step towards launching a successful career.

Our innovative approach that pays off

Your Career Prospects

With the knowledge of the great importance of value chains and value networks, you will have a wide range of prospects in companies of all sizes. The degree programme prepares you for the following tasks, among others:

  • Managing global purchasing and procurement processes
  • Improving supply chain and controlling processes
  • Integrating modern digital solutions for industry, trade and supply chain processes
  • Developing supply chain strategies, e.g. partner networks
  • Analysing and evaluating solutions in the areas of distribution and e-commerce

In addition to the strategic, technical and economic aspects, you will always include the "people" component and the associated interpersonal approach in value creation systems in your work.

Fürth, with its close proximity to the bustling business hub of Nuremberg and excellent opportunities for studying supply chain management, proves to be an ideal location. Being in close proximity to the automotive industry, companies of all sizes and sectors in Nuremberg offer exceptional prospects for aspiring supply chain professionals.

At the WLH, we pay great attention to the holistic transfer of skills. As a result, our students acquire a wide range of methodological, professional and social skills in addition to strong practical skills. In order to promote personal development, we offer our students a so-called bridging semester, which can be used individually. The innovative "bridging semester" reflects our commitment to providing maximum flexibility for individual growth. How does it work, and what are the requirements? It's straightforward.

Upon reaching 90 credit points in your Master's degree program, you have two options:

  1. Continue and Graduate: Proceed with your studies, aiming to graduate at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Take a Semester Break: You aim for a bridging semester that you can organise as you wish. You can do an internship, learn a language, take intercultural competence courses - whatever you like. No tuition fees are charged during this semester, although you should bear in mind that your degree programme will then continue for another semester.

The bridging semester can be initiated after accumulating 90 credit points and, at the earliest, after completing the 3rd semester concerning personal and professional development, all while remaining enrolled. While a fee is applicable for this semester, the subsequent semester is exempt from charges. Importantly, the bridging semester is limited to one term, and you can determine if you have achieved the required credit points before entering the bridging semester. It's worth noting that the option to apply for a traditional semester off remains available, with the bridging semester serving as a parallel and attractive alternative.

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Master Supply Chain Management

Your curriculum

4 Semester 120 ECTS
1. Semester

1st semester

  • Global SCM 4.0
  • Supply Chain Research and Methods
  • Strategic Logistics Management
  • International Management and Law
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management 
2. Semester

2nd semester

  • SC Operations
  • Process Management
  • Digital Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research
  • Supply Chain Planning & Coordination
3. Semester

3rd semester

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • SAP Application in the Supply Chain
  • Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Business Intelligence & Decision Support
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship
4. Semester

4th semester

  • Internship / Company Project / Start-Up Lab
  • Master Thesis
The CORE Principle
Learning with head and heart

Pure frontal teaching does not exist in our classrooms. Instead, our instructors become individual learning coaches for you. Together, you will not only acquire specialist knowledge, but also hone your soft and hard skills.

For an application you need

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent university degree (e.g. Diploma) with a minimum of 180 credit points (ECTS) in Logistics, Business Engineering, Economics, Engineering, IT and/or equivalent subjects
  • One of the following qualifications: General university entrance qualification, University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification, North Rhine-Westphalia extended university entrance qualification or for international applicants: university entrance qualification or equivalent
  • CV
  • Photo
  • Health insurance certificate
  • certification of proficiency in English (e. g. IELTS 6.5, a TOEFL score of at least 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT), or other verification (for instance, via an interview). This requirement is waived for students from countries where English is the official language of education.

Important information: Please verify the specific visa deadlines for your country before beginning studies in Germany. You will only be able to enroll at the university if you have a visa valid for study in Germany. Please contact the German embassy in your home country to obtain the specific deadlines.

Your tuition fees

Fees and Funding

Study fees Citizenship | EU/EEA (incl. Switzerland, Western Balkans and Ukraine)

 680 Euro / month + one-off enrollment fee of 480 Euro.

Study fees valid for all non-EEA citizens:

750 Euro per month + one-off enrollment fee of 750 Euro.


Terms of payment (valid for all non-EEA citizens):

  1. You pay 750 € (one-off enrollment fee in advance - that is not refundable)
  2. We will send you the Final Admission Letter (now you have time to take care of Health insurance, APS, VISA, blocked account, accommodation etc.)
  3. After that, you will receive a new payment request in the amount of the first semester fee (payment per semester is mandatory)
  4. If we received this fee, you will be enrolled

Option for you: You can get a discount of 3% for annual payment and 5% for full payment

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Application procedure

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Not only our students and employees are impressed by our university’s modern architecture – SRH University Fürth was selected for the Architect Tours 2021 by the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. Here are a few impressions.

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